X – Xenophobia
“Xenophobia” – “fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners,” Webster.

The M.S.M. has had a hand in spreading the misperception that Israel, a country in which its Muslim Arab citizens live in far more freedom and equality than Jewish and Christian “dhimmis” have lived in many Muslim lands, is “xenophobic.”

One illustration of the M.S.M. misportraying Israel as xenophobic has been its ridicule of Israeli Yisrael Beitenu party leader Avigdor Lieberman. An October 29, 2006, Inquirer staff-writer article called Lieberman the “polarizing” leader of “a far right-wing party” who “bluntly believes that Arabs and Jews can’t live together.” An Inquirer in-house columnist article (Trudy Rubin, 3/15/09) branded him as “notorious for calling on Israel to rid itself of most of its Arab citizens and relocate them to a future Palestinian entity.” (What Lieberman actually proposed was drawing the border to include these Arabs on the Arab side, a morally and diplomatically honorable stance that the media doesn’t ridicule when an Arab proposes it.)

Ironically, an article (A.P., 10/31/06) blasting Lieberman’s very cabinet appointment as having “effectively ruled out any serious moves to revive Middle East peace negotiations,” appended at its tail-end that Hamas, which “won Palestinian parliamentary elections in January and formed a government,” calls “for Israel’s destruction.”

? A.P. (1/19/07, Inq.): “…Hamas, which rejects the existence of a Jewish state in an Islamic Middle East.”

? And again (A.P., 2/3/09, Inq., A5): “Hamas does not accept a place for a Jewish state in an Islamic Middle East.”

That’s xenophobic.

? “Moderate” Abbas’ Fatah’s constitution includes “…the Zionist occupation in Palestine”; “…uprooting the Zionist existence,” “…this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and Palestine completely liberated”; “the Israeli existence in Palestine is a Zionist invasion with a colonial expansive base”; “the Zionist Movement is racial, colonial and aggressive…”; “…our just struggle in order to resist together Zionism and imperialism”; “…the world-wide struggle against Zionism, colonialism and imperialism.”

? Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick reported (8/13/09) that Fatah reiterated this xenophobia at its August 2009 General Assembly in Bethlehem by demanding “that all Jews be expelled from Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem ahead of the establishment of a Jew-free Palestinian state.

? The A.P. reported (4/29/09, Inq., A4), that “a Palestinian military court convicted a man of treason and sentenced him to death for selling West Bank land to an Israeli company.”

Xenophobia is not an ailment of Jewish Israelis. Xenophobia is a disease of the Middle East’s Muslim Arabs, who “reject the existence of a Jewish state in an Islamic Middle East.” But there is more than Arab xenophobia here. There is denial of facts. Israelis are not “strangers and foreigners.” As shown in the next section, The Yishuv Has Been There All Along.

And Christians, and other minorities, have suffered from Muslim xenophobia, and still do.
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