Lee Bender- on American Pastors Network radio program 8-3-17

On August 3, 2017, Lee Bender was a guest on American Pastors Network radio program, discussing:  ZOA, Taylor Force Act, violence on the Temple Mount and Israel’s response, and “Islamophobia” and hate crimes legislation

“From killers in the Middle East to Pastors and the Church in Kenya: Critical, but Little-Known News. We are joined by Lee Bender (Pres. Greater Philadelphia Zionist Organization of America) and Pastor Andrew Kamia (Kenyan Pastor). Topics discussed include: The Taylor Force Act: Stop paying the Palestinian Authority to kill Israeli Jews. Stopping Temple Mount Security Inspections: An Insiders Opinion. The Role of the Church in Kenya: Next Week’s Election. The Desire of the Church in Kenya: Why APN is needed there.”

Listen to 20 minute segment:  http://subsplash.com/americanpastors/v/4rpc86v



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