Ongoing Conflict and Terrorism

Misleading: “Rockets Fired at Israel, into Israel”

No, they’re not. As evidenced by Israel’s positioning of Iron Dome counter-rocket batteries to protect civilians in cities in Israel, rockets fired from Gaza and elsewhere target, not inanimate “Israel,” but men, women and children in cities, towns and other civilian places within Israel.

Misleading: “Attacks and Actions on Israel’s Borders/Periphery”

The media sometimes characterizes terrorist attacks within Israel as occurring on its borders, on its periphery. Attacks on places in Israel that are near Israeli-Arab boundaries are still attacks on Israelis in Israel.

Misleading: “IDF ‘Retaliation’ for Arab Attacks on Civilians”

When Arabs from Gaza or elsewhere launch terror attacks on Israeli civilians, and the IDF responds by targeting the attackers, not Arab civilians, Israel is engaged in response – not “retaliation,” a term intended to convey moral equivalence between the sides’ actions.

Misleading: “Suicide Bombers and Militants”

People who put on explosive vests and blow themselves up in buses, market places and other civilian gathering places are bent on murdering civilian men, women and children, not “suicide.” And those who shoot, stab, ram with their cars and otherwise prey on civilians to cause terror and panic for political ends are engaged in terrorism, not “militancy.”

Misleading: “Suspected Militants”

The cautionary labeling by the media of a person accused of engaging in terrorism ceases when that person is encountered wearing an explosive vest or having actually detonated it, uses a gun/firearm/rifle/knife or other weapon. A militant implies that the person is engaging military targets, rather than violence directed civilians. Say rather: terrorist.

Misleading: “Hamas [or its like] is ‘Considered’ a Terrorist Group”

Entities that brag about perpetrating murderous attacks on civilians (“claim responsibility,” as the media puts it), aren’t just “considered” terrorist groups by the governments that have declared them as such. They are terrorist groups. The U.S. Government has designated Hamas (the Islamic Resistance Movement whose genocidal charter calls for the eradication of all Jews) as a foreign terrorist organization.

Misleading: “Israeli ‘Said’ the Term ‘Militants’”

View skeptically indirect quotes by the media of Israeli officials and spokespersons referring to murderers of Israeli civilians as “militants.” Try to find from other sources the actual words used by the official or spokesperson, which most likely used the term “terrorists.” When the media quotes an Israeli or Western official or spokesperson referring to Arab murderers of Israeli civilians as “militants,” the media should use a direct and not indirect quote of that official or spokesperson.

Misleading: “The ‘Roadmap’ Called on the Palestinian Authority to ‘Rein-in Militants’”

The original U.S.-promulgated ‘Roadmap to a Two-State Solution’ in 2003 is not much in the news anymore, but while it was being referred to, the mainstream media frequently characterized it as calling upon the Palestinian Authority “to rein-in militants.” It did not. The Roadmap document uses forms of the term “terror” over and over and never uses the term “militants” The Roadmap called upon the Palestinian Authority to end “violence and terrorism,” to confront “all those engaged in terror,” and to undertake “dismantlement of terrorist capabilities and infrastructure.”