#1182 9/17/23 – The Palestine Two-State Solution Based on the Arab and Jewish Palestine States that Already Exist

WHILE YOU STAND ON ONE LEG: Dominating coverage this week of potential Saudi-Israel normalization was U.S. obsession with inclusion therein of an historic-Jerusalem-depriving, indefensible-for-Israel western Palestine “two-state solution.”  Take a quick look at the journal excerpt below of the livable-for-us solution based on the Arab and Jewish Palestine states, Jordan and Israel, that already exist.

The Palestine Two-State Solution Based on the Arab and Jewish Palestine States that Already Exist

Some years ago, a Capital Asset of the Jewish people, ZOA National President Mort Klein, sat down next to me briefly at the memorable seventy-fifth anniversary dinner of some of our best friends in the world, The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc., and told me he was thinking of having my partner in this, Lee Bender, of Blessed Memory, and me give an excerpt of our PowerPoint talk based on our book, Pressing Israel: Media Bias Exposed From A-to-Z, at ZOA’s upcoming national convention.  I said if he turned us loose, we would not disappoint him.

And so we got to give that excerpt of our “Ten Misleading Media Expressions” talk in The House That Mort Built.  Apparently, we didn’t disappoint at least one person there, the head of a Foundation who gave us a grant to set up a 501c3 and website, www.factsonisrael.com, which Lee, our publisher Steve Crane and I did, on which, along with Videos including that talk (professionally recorded as we gave it from a synagogue bimah), rantings on the Toxic Terms and Dirty Words of the loaded lexicon of Jewish homeland delegitimizing pejoratives in daily speech, and other stuff including an Israeli journalist’s blog and these weekly emails of mine are posted.

Philly ZOA held its inspiring annual Gala this week, and you can bolster your faith in American Jewry by listening to Mort’s and honorees’ exceedingly inspiring speeches.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC6oAqIuIWg

Our FactsOnIsrael.com, Inc., ran an ad in the Gala’s ad journal,  https://philly.zoa.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2023/09/gala-2023-ad-journal-tribute-book-as-printed-final.pdf which, we believe, sums up a livable-for-us Palestine “two-state solution” based on the Arab and Jewish Palestine states which already exist.


“Rather than take more land from Israel and endanger its security, it is time to recognize the 1922 two-state solution to the Palestinian Arab problem.  At that time, the Palestine Mandate divided Israel (Palestine) by apportioning the eastern 78% to Jordan – a land for Arabs, and the remaining 22% west of the Jordan River – for Jews.

“All Palestinian Arabs today living in Judea and Samaria – aka the West Bank – should immediately receive citizenship in their designated country of Jordan.  They can elect to move there or remain as guests in Israel.

“Monies from the U.N. and western countries wasted on the corrupt Palestinian Arab leadership could then go to improving living conditions in Jordan, thus incentivizing people to move to a better life.

“More information see www.factsonisrael.com.

“We are available for discussion.  Neil Sussman, Ken Moskowitz, Jerry Verlin, Steve Crane.”

Best New Year’s wishes to all.